T.H.E (The Happy Experiment) is a project that was created with the goal to make a positive difference in the world, and as means of lighthearted entertainment. 

From the point of view of 3 different individuals, the quest for happiness begins. Stay tuned as we go through a series of experiments and share our experiences and key takeaways into finding a happy constant.

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Topics will vary from controlled actions like mindset to uncontrolled circumstances like environment. We explore how things like kindness, relationships, music, food, and knowledge alter our mood, and how regardless of the circumstances we can condition our brains into positivity and joy.





Additionally, we know each individual’s socio-economic environment could play a central role in determining depression/happiness, but what can we do under the conditions we inhabit? 







I am not a scientist nor an expert in the subject, just a regular individual putting myself out there, hoping to relate to those with similar struggles, and be able to make a difference in the world. 

Throughout each experiment, each individual will be measured to determine happiness levels and results.

I am looking to collaborate with professionals in the subject and put some of their theories into practice. If you would like to collaborate contact me.


Cristina Serarols

A creative soul and art director. I have been in the advertising industry for 12 years, having worked for agencies like Y&R and DDB, and created notable 360˚ campaigns for clients like AT&T, McDonald’s and Clorox. Some of my passions include photography, travel, and art. 



Even though I had a stable corporate job as an Associate Creative Director, making a decent living, something was missing. A sense of self fulfillment and a bigger purpose. On top of it my stress level was pretty high. You know... the advertising industry can be very demanding at times. So I have decided to put it to the side for now, and start fresh. I love creating, and it will not stop. It's just time to create with purpose. Also, I wouldn’t be fully honest if I didn't confess that I go through a rollercoaster of emotions often, including anxiety, stress, self doubt, road rage, and anger, which I’m hoping to overcome through this.


With uncertainty of where this journey will lead, but with the hopes of creating a support community for people to look at life differently, value the important, and find purpose and happiness, including my own.


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Honorable mention to: 

MO Gawdat from OneBillionHappy.org

Stefan Sagmeister from The Happy Film

The Dalai Lama

The Founders of WOHASU

for being an inspiration to this project.